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Congratz to Madmartigan for being the first ever lvl 50 Simple guild member. He is the first push for simple to become a elite PvP and PvE team. Once again congratz man:).
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Peace is a lie,
there is only Passion. 
Through Passion,
 I gain Strength.
Through Strength,
 I gain Power.
Through Power,
I gain Victory.
Through Victory,
 My chains are broken.
The Force shall free me. 
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Simple is a Empire guild that is interested in recruiting mature members that like to PvP, PvE, or simply just lvl. We came up with the name simple because we are not going to make you do anything YOU don't want to. (but if you agree to doing it and do not show up there will be consequences). Im sure most of us bought this game to have fun and this is what this guild is about having fun so apply to the website and talk to one of the officers in-game. (located to the right ->) HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE WEBSITE
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kiip3, Dec 4, 11 2:16 AM.
Release date 12/20/11 hope to see you then :)
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Sith have no fear.

- Darth Tyrannus
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